Tips to find the best brand for you

There are so many brands out there that you’d be understandably confused which to patronise. Here are some easy tips to find the best brand for you!

Overarching style
Brands have, well, their own branding. This means they have an overarching style that they are mostly known for. Are they focused on accessible casual clothing? Are high-class suits their style of choice? Are they known to infuse urban flavour into their line? Know the brand’s overarching style and see if it fits your personal branding.

Brand reputation is also essential in your search for the best brand for you. From critical to commercial reviews, doing your research will be of great help in finding out the reputation of the brands you are choosing from.

A popular name does not necessarily mean quality work. Develop a good eye for details. From shirt stitching to the choice of fabric to even how the buttons are sewn – all these will help you distinguish from brands of quality and brands that are not.

Brands cater to particular sizes. Not all can effectively cater to the petite or to the oversized. Look at the brand sizing and see if it fits your body shape well.

Price range
Of course, one has to be practical. Don’t overshoot your budget. There may be times that you should treat yourself with really expensive pieces but for the regular days, find a brand that will not be a threat to your financial health. Remember, finances are a major mental health stressor so make sure your brand choices won’t be detrimental to your well-being!

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