Accessorise – four tips to get it right

Accessorising, in a lot of ways, is an art. You can’t go overboard. You can’t go too subtle. It has to be just right. Here are four tips for selecting the right accessories for your outfit!

Go timeless
Trends come and go that is why it’s always wise to go for timeless pieces. Gold hoop earrings, silver studs, pearl earrings – all these have stood the test of time. It doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t experiment with whatever is trending. The rule of thumb basically is to have more timeless pieces so when in doubt, that’s what you go for!

Tiny ripple hoops – yellow gold vermeil

3mm white topaz dewdrop studs

8mm oval white freshwater pearl drop earrings

Balance is the key
A plain shirt will go well with loud and bold accessories. However, don’t go overboard. If you want to wear large, easily noticeable earrings, then you might want to skip the necklace and then continue with a simple bracelet. Strike a balance. Too much and you’ll look tacky. Too subtle and you’ll look boring which defeats why you wear accessories in the first place.

Experiment with contrasts
Accessories are not meant to get lost in matching colour combinations. Just because you have a pink dress does not mean you have to have pink accessories to go with it. Experiment with contrasts. These will make your overall look a lot more interesting!

It should scream YOU!
At the end of the day, accessorising is all about YOU. They’re meant to accentuate the innate beauty that is you. So go ahead and take the time to look for the pieces which match your personality. Have a couple of pieces to match your varying mood. Remember, you wear the accessories and not the other way around.

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