Accessories for your outfits

At first glance, they may just look like pretty trinkets of varying sizes. However, once you pair them up with your OOTD, it instantly changes your look. Here are styling tips for you to pick the best accessories for your outfit!

Less is more.

While you can buy as many accessories as you want just so you can have many pieces to choose from, you don’t have to wear all of them at one go. When it comes to accessorising, less is more. Our rule of thumb is 3 to 4 pieces.

Balance is key.

You can definitely mix and match accessories. And really, finding which piece goes with what is the most fun part of the process. When choosing accessories for your outfit, think of this styling essential – balance. Have one signature piece – one that is a lot bolder and bigger than the rest. Achieve balance by choosing complementing pieces that are not as conspicuous as the signature piece.

There is beauty in contrast.

Gone are the days when the colour of your accessories must match pretty much everything else. We live in contrasting colours, shapes, styles, and sizes! Spice up a neutral OOTD with a splash of fun and colourful trinkets. Wearing a regular tee? Turn it into a luxurious look with equally elegant jewellery. A plethora of styling possibilities awaits so don’t be afraid to be experimental with contrasts.

Seek to complement, not compete.

It’s easy to get lost in the number of ways you can accessorise. The best thing to remember is to make sure all these complement one another rather than compete against each other. Not all should have to be of the same texture, style, shape, and colour. A look that has too much going on is as tacky as it is distracting.

Be aware of the don'ts.

While accessorising does give you all the creative freedom you need, with great power comes great responsibility. You’ve got to know some of the essential styling don’ts so you can prevent a major faux pax. Don’t use anything black with pastel colours. A timepiece doesn’t go with an evening dress. Don’t overlayer or over stack bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Prevent a styling disaster by knowing some key don’ts when it comes to choosing accessories for your outfit.

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