Pak Can Cook! Or can he?

Meet Pak!

This dashing gentleman is so many things at one time – an influencer, a travel enthusiast, our very own People’s Inc. (PINC) CEO, and now, “chef” extraordinaire.

Yes, you read that right. From the corporate office to the kitchen, prepare for a major 180, unlike any other. Pak showing his skills in the kitchen with his strawberry shortcake apron has0 been a long time coming and finally, the day has arrived. It is time to show the world that, yes, Pak CAN cook!

Food has always been Pak’s passion. Throughout his travels, Pak immersed himself in diverse cultures, food being an integral part of them. He finds excitement in exploring various dishes and luxurious tastes wherever he goes. From the most outrageous to the most conventional, experimenting with food is one of Pak’s favourite pastimes.

And now, what once was a hobby will be transformed into actual kitchen experience! After amassing culinary knowledge over the years, Pak is all set to test his cooking skills. Taking the place of his debonair suit is an apron, and if we’re lucky, Pak might even don a chef’s hat from time to time.

Explore a whole new gastronomic experience with Pak. From traditional dishes to fun, comfort food to the occasional elaborate preparations, Pak is positively excited to share the journey with you. Will Pak’s cooking be a hit or miss? Stay tuned to find out!

Do you have hidden skills that you have been absolutely dying to share? Are there special interests that you’ve wanted to pursue but are too scared to venture outside your box? It’s time to break free and go after them! Just like Pak, you too can embark on your own journey to self-discovery. Inspire others to do the same by sharing snapshots of your journey. Share your stories and touch someone’s life right here!

Meanwhile, Pak’s all fired up and ready to go. What are we waiting for? Let’s get cooking!

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