Let’s get NOIZE-y!

Time to make some NOIZE!

As the fall season kicks in, it’s time to get a new supply of outerwear that’s perfect for the chilliest of days and the crispest of nights.

Enjoy a whole line of outerwear that’s built for the season with NOIZE. They’ve got everything – parkas, bombers, puffers, lightweights, vegan furs, vegan wool, windbreakers, and raincoats for both men and women. Stylish and functional, you get to look your best while you keep warm and dry. Rich with colour and exquisite in workmanship, any NOIZE piece is not only built for the season, but it’s also made to last.

Carla-M puffer

There’s one more thing that makes NOIZE outerwear even more special. It is a brand known to employ sustainable, environment-friendly, cruelty-free practices in its production. That’s right. Not a single animal is harmed in the process of creating the perfect NOIZE apparel. Instead, the folks from NOIZE use high quality and innovative synthetic fibres that are nearly identical to animal-derived materials in warmth, comfort, and style. And they’ve got a stamp of approval from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to prove it!

Dakota vegan leather jacket

That’s not all. NOIZE also uses 100% recycled plastic bottles for their fills. Isn’t that amazing? It only goes to show that every purchase of NOIZE means you’re also contributing to the global efforts to save the planet!

NOIZE is not only for those who are into the whole vegan lifestyle. At the end of the day, we all have to do our part to save Mother Earth. We all have to be environmentalists lest we suffer from the catastrophic effects of humanity’s apathy to the environment. Let us be more responsible for our lifestyle choices – our fashion preferences included. Look on-point while protecting yourself from freezing from the frigid cold or getting drenched from a downpour. With NOIZE, you get functional fashion minus the cruelty, minus environmental degradation. Check out the outerwear that truly cares here.

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