What your bag says about you

Bags are more than just fashion accessories. Although they contribute to the overall impact of your outfit, they are functional stylish pieces that can carry your daily essential items such as money, lipstick, mobile phones, notebook, and even your laptop.

But did you know that people can tell your personality based on the bag style you prefer?

So what does your bag say about you? Let’s find out.

  • Backpack– The backpack is a versatile bag that you can just grab when you want to go out and about. If this bag style is your go-to, you love adventures and the great outdoors.
  • Briefcase – The briefcase exudes a formal vibe, being a businessman’s go-to bag. If you’re a lady who likes a briefcase, you are focussed woman who is out to reach her dreams.
  • Tote bag – You’re always ready! The tote is the ultimate “carryall” bag, which allows you to fit in just about anything you need—be it for a picnic or a day at the beach.
  • Belt-bag – The belt bag or fanny pack might be small but it has a large capacity that will surprise you. If you prefer this bag, you’re a low-maintenance chic that wants an easily accessible bag near your body.
  • Shoulder bag – Definitely feminine and timeless, the shoulder bag is a great piece of accessory that shouts confidence and practicality.
  • Clutch bag – A clutch bag is a small yet glamourous that has a small space to carry essentials. A girl who loves using a clutch is usually a party girl who only needs her lipstick and her cards to survive the night.

What type of bag are you fond of using? Are you lady-like, always on the go, low-maintenance, or super feminine? Or are you a little bit of everything?

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