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Yan Ji Seafood Soup 炎记海鲜汤 is touted as the OG (original gangster) in seafood soup. Thousands of locals and tourists call it the best in Singapore, and all for a good reason. Established in 1981 in Woodlands Hawker Centre, Yan Ji Seafood Soup 炎记海鲜汤 continues to thrive and satisfy the discriminating palates of Singaporeans today.

But even if it is nearing its 40-year mark as a seafood soup authority, Yan Ji has managed to maintain what it is known for—umami-filled, creamy, crustacean-flavoured broth attained by slow cooking the seafood and the soup base.

So what do you get from a fresh bowl of seafood soup from Yan Ji?

Japanese Hokkaido scallops. Prawns. Crayfish. Dory fish. Minced meat. All these put together in a bowl filled with soup rich with the flavours from the deep sea. Savoury with a hint of sweetness—just the perfect balance that brings comfort to a hungry tongue.

Today, you can enjoy the OG seafood soup in any of Yan Ji’s five outlets across Singapore. Aside from its main stall in Woodlands Hawker, you can also find the best seafood soup in Marsiling Lane, Far East Plaza, Funan, and Alexandra Village Food Centre.

So if you’re craving for a bowl of the freshest seafood soup, you know what to do.

Get your tastebuds shouting for joy with some Yan Ji Seafood specialties. Dine-in at any of their five outlets and enjoy 5 percent OFF your bill when you order at least SGD 20! To learn more about this promo, check out Yan Ji Seafood Soup on Facebook and Instagram.

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