Must-try mooncakes in Singapore

In just a blink, September is upon us which means the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming.

Family gatherings, lanterns, and, of course, mooncakes will all be part of the festivities. It wouldn’t be complete without one or two mooncakes.

In traditional Chinese culture, the round shape of mooncakes signifies family reunion, while the full moon is a symbol of abundance, harmony, and good fortune.

Are you looking for delectable mooncakes to try or give to family and friends in Singapore? You can’t go wrong with these must-try mooncakes.

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Why we love it: There are four new snowskin flavours this year that are available to try. Walnut praline, basil and trigona honey, black sesame and ginger, and Sarawak pineapple cookie.

Price: Snowskin mooncakes (8 pcs at SGD 85); baked mooncakes (4 pcs at SGD 85)

Where to buy: Shop at Grand Hyatt Singapore

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Why we love it: Taste the new raspberry Hokkaido milk, rose green tea with pistachio, and osmanthus with wolfberry snowskin flavours, as well as rose coconut and oolong tea with dried cranberries, baked mooncakes.

Price: Jade Signature Mooncake Collection (box of 4 at SGD 72); The Clifford Pier Mooncake Tingkat (box of 4 at SGD 98)

Where to buy: Shop at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Jade Signatures Mooncake Collection

Pan Pacific Singapore

Why we love it: Bestsellers like Mao Shan Wang durian, matcha black sesame and Gianduja yuzu snowskin flavours are back. Mango passion fruit snowskin and virgin Singapore Sling snowskin for a sweet and tarty treat are also mouth-watering!

Price: Traditional baked mooncakes (box of 4 at SGD 82.18); snowskin mooncakes (box of 4 at SGD 85.60)

Where to buy: Shop at Pan Pacific Singapore

王牌 Wáng Pái

Why we love it: Wáng Pái’s Champagne Jewels Mooncakes has an unrivalled look, taste, and texture.

Price: Bundle of 2 – Champagne White Gold Truffle Mooncakes (box of 8 at SGD 213)

Where to buy: Shop at Wáng Pái

Regent Singapore

Why we love it: Offering a most luscious and luxurious filled with rich and creamy custard. It also comes in a leather travel case that can transform into practical and elegant carriers.

Price: 2 pcs full-sized bird’s nest mooncake at SGD 118 per box

Where to buy: Shop at Regent Singapore

Lady M Singapore

Why we love it: A new batch of Lady M’s famed miniature mooncakes, manufactured in partnership with Kee Wah Bakery, may be found on each side of the hexagon.

Price: 6 pcs at SGD 95

Where to buy: Shop at Lady M Singapore

Starbucks Singapore

Why we love it: You get the scrumptious assorted flavour and traditional mooncakes in a delightful box from Starbucks.

Price: Box of 8 at SGD 60.90

Where to buy: Shop at Starbucks Singapore

You now have a lot of options to choose from! Some of them are open for pre-order, so you can have yours sooner. Get these while they’re still available before they’re all sold out.

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