Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day!

Moms all over the world are in for a treat as we celebrate their special day. Why don’t we celebrate Mother’s Day with five awesome facts about the celebration?

💞 We don’t celebrate it on the same date each year. Mother’s Day is celebrated every second Sunday of May. This means it changes dates every year! Last year, we celebrated Mother’s Day on May 12. This year, we’re celebrating it tomorrow, May 10.

💞 Millions of calls are made on this day. Over a hundred million calls are made each year on this special day for mothers. This feat makes Mother’s Day as the day that the most calls are made edging out Christmas! Isn’t that amazing?

💞 “Mama” comes from babies. Ever wondered why these beautiful women in our lives are called “Mom?” It’s because babies first enunciate the syllable “ma.” That’s why throughout the world, Mama or the shortened version, Mom, is associated with mother.

💞 Billions of US dollars are spent on Mother’s Day. A record of USD4.4 billion dollars was spent on gifts and another USD4.6 billion on dinners in 2018. And that’s in the US alone. Can you imagine if we take into account all those celebrating Mother’s Day all over the world?

💞 The most popular Mother’s Day gift? The greeting card! Millions of Mother’s Day greeting cards are sent every year. On them are the most heartwarming messages for such special women.

Why don’t we celebrate Mother’s Day here in PINC, too? Let’s fill this space with love for our mothers with hand-made works of art. Post them HERE while wearing your most eye-catching outfit. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #PINCOOTD and #PINCART to stand the chance to win major PINC points. The full mechanics on http://bit.ly/PINC2013 (#PINCOOTD) and https://bit.ly/PINC2023 (#PINCART).

PINC sends our sincerest Mother’s Day greetings to all the moms out there. Hugs and kisses!

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