Ladies, put your hands UP!

Calling all single ladies, married ladies, and as long as you identify as a lady, we want you to read this.

We’ve been working with Mosanco for a while now and we are proud to be collaborating with them this International Women’s Day. It is a time for all of us, men and women, to reflect on progress made, to call for change, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women in an extraordinary way.

We want to empower all of you to achieve your dreams, to break away from what is holding you back, and celebrate your uniqueness.

How do you do that?

1. Reject your negative thoughts
2. Finish what you started
3. Practice gratitude
4. Spend time with yourself
5. Strive to be healthy

It is not something that can happen overnight. It is a choice you have to make every single day. A choice to keep being empowered.

We spoke to a few successful women who have made Mosanco Tea part of their lifestyle, and all of them stated that health has to come first. Because, by staying healthy, it will give you the strength to fight the naysayers wherever you go. You will be… effective!

Don’t believe it? Check out these successful women who are on their journey with Mosanco:

Sabrina Wang – Founder of PINC and Royal Privileged, Partner at Mosanco

Charina Widjaja – Founder of Digital Fashion Week

Nancy Lnn – Influencer and Partner at Mosanco

Elaine Yeo – Partner at Mosanco

Alyssa Poh – Recruitment Coordinator at Grab, Marketing Director at PropNex

Liang Shing Toi – Founder of Soul Empowerment Agency

So ladies, let International Women’s Day 2020 be the spark that lights your way toward a healthy and empowering rest of the year!

If you’d like to know more about Mosanco and their products, you can slide over to and check out their Mosanco Tea and Mosanco Recovery range!

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