Watch #Girlboss Sabrina Wang LIVE with Pitchdeck Asia

Listen to Sabrina Wang’s Live Podcast with Pitchdeck Asia

Be entertained by a fun Q&A with Sabrina and Peggy last July 17 as they were invited by Pitchdeck Asia presented by Asia Tech Podcast, a regular podcast showcasing some of Asia’s most exciting startups.

On each episode, Pitchdeck Asia collate a batch of startup founders who join the show to share their story, the problems they’re solving and their funding requirements. Their goal is to create a platform to help Asian based founders and investors connect through story.

On the start of the show, Sabrina Wang shared how she dabbled in various businesses ranging from web and game hosting, web and mobile design and development and having her own fashion line at the age of 15, just like the #Girlboss that she is!

Peggy Heng, CEO of FESO Asia, better known as Dowager, also shared how she started with her business and how the two of them met and shared the same love with fashion.

Peggy also shared how FESO Style box provides users with unlimited independent designer apparel for rental she also mentioned that there are lots of designer items coming soon on the website including those from the local designers.

On the show, they were asked to share about what PINC does and how it will revolutionize the social commerce industry. Sabrina described PINC as the next generation of social media that aims to build a digital clique of users focused on the latest trends, constantly bringing the styles that reflect the newest looks.

PINC is a platform that inspires style trends, one pinc at a time. We enable users to “PINC” products on their images and by doing so gain points.

Life is too short to not do what you love, and we have a job you will love! Sabrina shared the upcoming Startup Career Fair to all those aspiring individuals who are also passionate about fashion and social media.

So if you think you’re one of us, don’t forget to checkout our booth on August 31 from 12 noon to 2pm at Platform E.

Thanks again to Sabrina and Peggy for giving us a major #GIRLBOSS feels.

For the full interview, watch the video below.

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