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Allow me to share some insights and my experience of rushing out our new Vue.js platform, the hiccups I faced, the difficulty in finding manpower and scaling up the system given the demand in terms of community growth as well as features.

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces.

It is a progressive JS framework that is incrementally adoptable and very scalable.

Previously our tech stack was MEAN stack which focuses on using Angular, another JavaScript framework. Our initial prototype was using Angular which was a heavier framework compared to Vue.js, but we feel it’s not fulfilling the requirement, and it was hard to recruit people who’re good at Angular as well. The most popular framework for the front end development is React, then Angular, then Vue. But Vue is getting more popular too, and easier to pick up.

We can get the React developer who’s willing to switch to Vue and he can pick-up very fast, so we make a call to switch to Vue.js which is a lighter framework(lighter in terms of framework size and optimisation effort), faster, and we happen to have the people who can do it. In terms of the learning curve for Vue.js is also not as steep as Angular.

We’re also happy to share that our community is growing – our Facebook page has reached 10k likes, and almost 10k users are already trying to get into our system.

We didn’t lose anything by switching! it’s a win-win situation for both users and development team, moving forward also.

In the alpha testing, we no longer require the special code, users can now sign up and start earning points in the platform, design has been streamlined, users can expect more regular updates on the features, bi-weekly basis.

Early this month, product tagging will be launched. Users will be able to curate brands and aside from that, we’re also looking forward to on board more brands for users to tag! Once they share their posts on their social media platforms, they’ll get more points from various interactions.

I’m so excited to share with you all what’s in store for the coming months before the launch of our app.

In the coming month, we will be releasing the product tagging function. Our soft launch coming this October and monthly engagement event. Not only that, you will all be able to link PINC onto your Instagram profile that will allow you to purchase the tagged items faster.

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