Angeelia Phua believes that age is never an issue in what we do

Angeelia Phua is an experienced fashion, style and image consultant at age 52. Driven by her love for the fashion industry, she takes pride in the multitude of clients she has served in the past two decades. Her personalised services for corporate and VIP clients involves working on the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that embody what she truly believes would be successful.

Angeelia believes the transformation of one’s image is more than a plethora of colour swatches but rather reshaping the mindset towards a deep-rooted belief system held by the clients. A personal image that is congruent with a sense of self and public perception brings forth opportunities in both professional and personal relationship building.

Her achievements spanning two decades include being the lead stylist for an international bridal pageant in Beijing (1995). Her dedication was recognized by the largest media conglomerate in Singapore and she was given the title of an image consultant for a makeover programme broadcasted on television (2000).

Through her interactions with her networking club, she spotted a gap in the market and opened the first-of-its-kind customized boutique store and headed a team that designed and tailor-made clothing for clients with challenging body shapes (2013).

Her efforts were recognised and Angeelia was awarded the Lady of Excellence in 2015. The award recognises women with exceptional personalities and inspiring experiences.

In 2019, Angeelia designed a collection of fashion wear for Eden Label and showcased her sustainable fashion collection in MBS to an international audience.

Helming her designs is the approach towards sustainability by crafting timeless pieces that are made to order. A culmination of her vast experience has sought pageant and award shows alike to seek her expert opinion. She was appointed as the official Professional Image coach to coach the honorees of Lady of Excellence 2020/2021 and honorees of the Singapore Golden Brands Award 2020/2021.

In 2021, Angeelia was once again being appointed by a local pageant organiser to coach the finalists of Mrs Singapore International Pageant 2021.

The advantage gained with a foundation in fashion design allows her to provide a holistic approach rather than the norm of an image consultant. She helps her clients project their authentic selves yet stay aligned with the desired outcome in their professional lives.

Cultivating a professional image is more than deciding the right outfit for the occasion and Angeelia incorporates personal grooming and hygiene into the mix. As said, it takes seven seconds to make an impression and the perceived measure of success upon the first impression also comes attached to an industry beauty standard. This is why Angeelia works closely with WD TCM Natural Cosmetics for an all-rounded approach for her clients.

Now, as an independent fashion, style and image consultant – Angeelia walks the journey of image transformation with her corporate and VIP clients and hopes to work in collaboration with others in the areas of beauty and image and impact more lives.

Moving forward, she aims to build a fashion label that takes a direct approach towards sustainable fashion and start a fashion and style academy that provides coaching and training to help passionate individuals from all walks of life build a career in the industry.

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