Celebrate Mother’s Day during phase two of COVID-19

Mother’s Day is honoured all around the world. It’s the most important day of the year to thank your mother for all she’s done for us. Now with COVID-19, everything seems to be different on we’re going to celebrate this special day. There could be a number of limitations that must be adhered to during this current case. With that, have you considered how you and your family would celebrate Mother’s Day?

This Mother’s Day, there are plenty of ways of making your mother feel loved. If you have a large family, you may want to hold a video call with everyone during dinner time to celebrate the occasion. With the new normal, only a maximum of five people can attend a gathering.  During phase two, here’s how to make your Mother’s Day truly memorable:

Cook your mother’s favourite dish

Serving your family makes them feel special, what more if you will cook their favourite dish that will be shared with everyone. They will feel your love since you created the dish personally for your loved ones.

A gift to remember

Want to make your mother feel extra special, here are some great ideas that will make your mom smile:

Preserved Dried Flowers for everlasting gift to remember. – SGD 73 (usual price SGD 88)

MJM Swarovski Elements Austria Love Crystral & Rhinestone Necklace is a unique and highly appreciated gift for this upcoming Mother’s Day. – SGD 49.90

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Centella Anti-Aging Micro-Essence to keep your mother’s skin to stay young, fresh, and fabulous. – SGD 64.62 (usual price SGD 107.70)

Mosanco Tea to make your mother feel refreshed and healthy – SGD 150

Film viewing via video call with the family

Just like what was said earlier, the gathering is limited to a group of five, and the capacity for different attractions and tours is dropped by 50 percent. That is why it is best to just have an online film viewing with the family rather than celebrating it outside their homes.

With all the simple gestures above, this is highly appreciated by any mothers out there. Just be creative and make sure all of these came from your heart. There is a Mother’s Day special giveaway waiting for you brought by us. Click here to get a chance to win exciting prizes this Mother’s Day.

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