Love is in the air, by Kingdom of Esther

You might have (or not) heard of the title “love is in the air” from a 2013 french film starring Ludivine Sagnier as Julie and Nicolas Bedos as Antonie.

The story is about Antonie, a lawyer from New York, who travels back to France for a final round of job interviews. On his flight back, he was unfortunately or fortunately, seated on the plane next to his ex-girlfriend, Julie.

Be it a film (this one took it a bit literal), a novel or real life; love is the possibility of an untold story, the emotion that sometimes makes people go irrational. Only when you let yourself embark on this journey can the chapters of that book slowly unfold.

The upcoming “love is in the air” event is part of the WD Beauty Concept covering WD TCM natural products, the Kingdom of Esther (KOE)’s beauty arm. Lined up, “love is in the air” is part one of the “next step forward” series, with “nurturing charisma” happening on May 7, 2021.

Presenting during the “love is in the air” event, we have six special guest speakers: Angeelia Phua, fashion and image consultant; Keith Tan, hair and makeup artist; Cetric Lai, wedding consultant; Jackson Oxley, geomancy consultant; Scott Zhuo, creative photographer and videographer; and Baba Flin, jewellery designer and gemstone hunter. The crew covers the end-to-end solution required to make a perfect wedding.

In an interview with Winnie Liw, founder of Kingdom of Esther (KOE), she shared that she had been planning this series of workshops during the pandemic to encourage everyone to move forward, hence having the name “next step forward.”

“WD Beauty Concept is about a totality concept or holistic journey of oneself. It is related to personal grooming, discovering one’s personality, strengthening one’s traits and mastering the art of communication skills, and so on,” said Winnie.

Ambitious, with the success of this series, Winnie plans to replicate the concept overseas to countries that are distributing her products, creating an entire business empire covering products and services.

“Beauty is not only from the inside out using our TCM natural products. It is also about personalities, pose, personal grooming in terms of fashion sense, and from here, it leads me to conclude that these workshops are the basis of personal branding. Personal Branding encompasses a broad scope of knowledge and knows how. Hence next year, we will continue to dive in on this area and will conduct further workshops.”

Q: How was the speaker selection decided?

Based on the principle of beauty concept, an image consultant is essential to guide and impart how one should take care of one’s grooming and image, followed by makeup is a daily routine to protect our inner layer of skins, so on and so forth.

We all love to watch beautiful things or people. Hence, a photographer and videographer will share how to capture the right moment of our lives.

In summary, these presenters are well equipped with knowledge and experiences which they can impart.

Q: Who should attend the upcoming workshop?

For the coming workshop, “love is in the air” is niche; hence, we target wedding couples or couples who are keen to find out more about planning for their big day.

Q: What would the attendees be walking out with?

A better understanding of their face and body shapes through image consultants in terms of fashion.

For “love is in the air,” besides learning and understanding the traditional weddings, do’s and don’ts, it will also focus on how to help them to plan for their wedding (which includes many but yet they can let the expert guide them) and after that their lifestyle preparing for their next phase of life about fashion and personal grooming.

Highlights from the previous workshop

Event: Love is in the air
Date and time: Friday, April 16, 2021, 7 to 10 pm
Location: HUONE Singapore, 3D River Valley Road, #03-01 Block D, Singapore 179023

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