Vintage-inspired fashion tips

Vintage fashion is so back! Don’t be late to the party. Here’s how to wear vintage clothing and still look current!

Balance it out

So it won’t look too costumey, strike the perfect balance if you’re going for a full-on vintage-inspired dress pair it with modern accessories. If you’ve found the ideal vintage-inspired bag and shoes, you might want a more current clothing style. Balance it out so it won’t look like you’re attending a costume party as a Stepford wife.


Don’t go overboard. Sometimes, the problem of vintage styling is that it becomes too much. Simplicity is the secret of getting vintage styling right. Remember this piece of advice from hair and make-up down to your choice of footwear.

Start with the basics

If you’re unsure where to begin, ease through the process by starting with the basics. The prints you should go for if you’re aiming to put together vintage clothing are floral and polka dots. You might also want to hunt for pleated skirts, flapper fringes, and of-course flared pants!


Oh, how we love vintage pieces! So you won’t go overboard, you might want to use contemporary clothes as your base so you can absolutely go gaga over the cutest vintage accessories. Be on the lookout for canvass handbags, satchels, knee-high boots, floral silk scarf, floral hair clips, hourglass belts, vintage style sunglasses, and lace gloves!

Hunt for reliable vintage brands

There are many brands out there that offer a whole range of vintage choices for you. Find the brand the best reflects your vintage taste! If you ask us, we adore London-based Lady Vintage! They have everything from the most casual and cute pieces to the most breathtaking vintage-inspired wedding gowns. The best thing about them is that you can shop using your own currency and ship straight to where you are. Check out their vintage collection today!

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