Upcoming trends in fashion for 2021

Do you know what’s in store for the new year? A major wardrobe makeover! Here are the upcoming fashion trends for men, women, and children this 2021.

Men's fashion trends

  • Vertical stripes. If you’re looking for sophisticated shirt prints, vertical stripes are the best way to go. Classy and versatile, they’re the go-to print for the new year.
  • Lighter denim. With summer just around the corner, you’ll see a lot of lighter shades hitting the streets. The same goes for denim! Men can go fashionably casual with lighter denim as the year begins.
  • Bare ankles. This was huge in 2020, and we predict that it’ll continue on in 2021. Wear pants and no-show socks to expose the glorious ankles. A pair of leather loafers will complete the look.

Women’s fashion trends

  • Shoulder pads are so back. Like it or not, shoulder pads are back, and they’re back with a vengeance. Get in on the action with over-sized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets. With a dozen Hollywood stars sporting this trend early in the year, we predict this will blow up very quickly!
  • Headscarf. Reminiscent of fashion in the ’50s and ’60s, head scarfs have become current once again. Spruce up your casual chic OOTD with a headscarf styled to your liking.
  • Pastel ‘til you drop. Light pastel colours are all the rage! From delicate shades of purple to adorable mint, you’ll surely fall in love with such cool-to-the-eye colours.

Children’s fashion trends

  • Going vintage. Get inspiration from Netflix’s mega-hit, Stranger Things. Hop on the vintage train with cute little patches plus a mix of blues, oranges, greens, and reds.
  • Patchwork. Oh, how we love patchwork. Breathe new life to your child’s denim jacket, shirt, or pants by sewing on appealing patchwork designs. If sewing isn’t your thing, you can always get the ready-to-go in virtual shops. They’ve become all the rage, so we’re sure they’ll be easy to come by.
  • Colours, colours, colours. Given the bleak outlook for 2021, let’s brighten the mood with the most colourful trend yet! We’re seeing many bright colours being churned out by leading kid labels, proof of this year has in store for us! So what are you waiting for? Go gaga over the most colourful clothes for children that you can find.
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