Makeup essentials checklist

Do you want to be all glammed up all day? Then you’ve got to have your makeup essentials in your bag! Here’s a fantastic makeup essentials checklist that you can use as your guide, so you won’t miss anything the minute you step out from your home.


Of course, you’ve got to start with a good base. Remember, it‘s where you will build your entire look on, so make sure you get the right colour, texture, and consistency that best suits your face. Here are things to consider when picking the right foundation for you:

  • Shade
  • Your skin colour
  • Coverage
  • Your skin type
  • Texture
  • The current season

Your whole look depends on the quality of the base so take the time to pick the right foundation that will enhance the natural beauty of your complexion.


At times, the foundation needs a little help from its friends to even out skin tone. This is where the mighty concealer comes in! Say bye-bye to dark spots, unevenness, unflattering spots, and pimples with just a few dabs. Here are a couple of tips and tricks when using a concealer:

  • Make sure you wash your face before applying it.
  • Begin with under-eye circles then work your way to other “problematic” spots.
  • When you’re done, even it out with a large brush and translucent setting powder.


Adding colour to your lips will instantly make a difference. It comes with a warning, though. Be mindful of the shade. Pick the wrong one, and your whole look will be affected. So which shade should be part of your makeup essentials checklist? Here’s an easy guide to help you pick the right one for you!

  • For those with fair skin, you might want to go for light pink, nude, coral, and dusty red.
  • You might want to try bright red and deep pink for those with a rich tan colour but go easy on purple.
  • For darker skin tones, you should try wine, caramel, plum, and a mix of purple and red!


It’s easy to overlook the importance of the perfect blush for your tone and colour. Keep in mind that armed with the right shade, you can improve your complexion with just a few swipes.

  • When it comes to shades, the rule of thumb is this: Deeper and darker tones go well with brighter, more radiant shades while fair skin tones go well with subtle, lighter ones. Mind the blush!
  • Oily skin goes well with a cheek tint. Dry skin goes well with blush powder, and regular skin goes well with a creamy blush texture.
  • Don’t forget to pick the right blush brush as well!


No makeup essentials checklist would be complete without a reliable eyeliner. Here are some of the types of eyeliners that you should have in your ready-to-go glam up kit:

  • For the usual everyday look or to achieve the perfect smokey eye, a pencil eyeliner will do the trick.
  • For a thicker, more defined line that’s best for making a cat eye, you will need a gel eyeliner and brush.
  • For subtler, more delicate thinner lines designed for creating that perfect swoop or flick, you would need a liquid eyeliner.

Compact mirror

Of course, no makeup essentials kit would be complete without your compact mirror. This way, you can check whether you need to touch up wherever you are at absolutely any time of the day. Choose one that can easily fit in your makeup kit, so you’ll have all your essentials in just one bag.

What other makeup essentials make up your own checklist? Please feel free to share with us when you sign up here today!

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