Four reasons why people go vegan

We’ve heard so much about how challenging it is to go vegan. However, if you’re committed enough, making that switch isn’t too difficult to do. You see, as with any change, it can take a little getting used as time progresses, it sure will get a lot easier!

So here’s the big question: Why go vegan? Here are some of the many reasons why more and more people have made such a huge lifestyle switch!

Animal welfare

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There are those who see animals as sentient beings who have the right to live and be treated with care and respect. These vegans are against any form of cruelty against animals. Seeking to end the exploitation of animals, consuming animal products is definitely out of the question.

Environmental activism

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Another reason why people go vegan is love for the environment. Knowing that there is no Planet B, vegans see this lifestyle as a way to contribute to the efforts in saving Mother Earth. Reducing animal agriculture helps minimise greenhouse gas emissions and pollution so by living a vegan lifestyle, vegans get to make Mother Earth a lot healthier, too!

Health benefits

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Of course, we cannot discount the health benefits of living a vegan way. From helping lose unwanted weight to preventing diseases cancer and diabetes, many vegans do the switch because they want to live healthier lives. And it shows! A vegan lifestyle is known to promote better over-all bodily function. Now that’s one huge reason to make the switch as well.

Personal preference

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At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal choice. Many vegans prefer a vegan lifestyle due to religious traditions. There are other vegans who do it because they prefer fruits and vegetables over eating meat and other animal products. Some are allergic to certain animal products, so going vegan is the best option.

A vegan lifestyle with all of its benefits is enough to convince anyone to make that switch. Inspired to finally give the vegan way a try? Then, share the journey with us when you sign up here today!

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