“The Bold Type” needs a script check because of these six oh-so-wrong reasons

“The Bold Type” is a freeform show and now in its fourth season. The story’s theme revolves around three young women in their mid-twenties working at the famous Scarlet magazine in Manhattan. The show highlights different aspects of these three journalists and writers. Some scenes seem to be unrealistic if you are working at an actual fashion magazine, with the most debated character is Jane, on how alternative she presents a view of journalism sometimes.

They may have covered many topics on female friendships and relationships well, but the main problem is that the show does not reflect the correct realities of women working with a magazine. Different people are just taking it as a show without going deep into details, while others related to the magazine world criticize some crucial aspects.

According to the critics, this show portrays the unrealistic side of magazines which is far from reality. There are many quirky parts that we would like to discuss, six in particular:

1. Digital media is way undervalued

Digital media has more importance nowadays than in its early days. The digital portion of any magazine has a reputation in terms of providing information to its readers. The character Jane makes digital media looks like nothing. When the magazine’s newly appointed digital director suggests her writing for magazine online, she replies, “I don’t write for the dot com.” In season four, more scenes are involved in digital media and are more realistic than previous ones.

The writing scenes of Jane are weirdly little. If you are working in the magazine, you should be writing more rather than focusing on your sex life and clothes. If Jane wants to keep her job, she has to listen to her management. Many media critics emphasize that these girls seem to be more interested in taking selfies and baths than working in a magazine.

2. The character of editor-in-chief is unreal

Some mistakes of writers are point out by critics related to the position of editor in chief. It is not common for Jane, a junior writer in a magazine, to connect directly with the editor. The editor in chief is rarely in the office and usually always caught up in meetings with stakeholders. Between junior writer and editor-in-chief, many editors and directors are working in the magazine. So, it makes no sense that Jane gets particular attention from the boss directly, and her edits are straight from the editor-in-chief of Scarlet Magazine.

3. Social media directors spend way too much time on selfies

Kat is the social media director in the Scarlet Magazine and one of the leading characters. The first thing about working in a traditional magazine company is that you can’t reach those high positions in a magazine at the young age of 25. It takes many years to reach that position, so this part of the script doesn’t make sense. Also, in season three, Kat seems to be spending more time taking selfies and promoting her brand rather than working for the magazine.

In reality, the social media director has many urgent responsibilities, from planning to post content, and Kat seems to be not doing that. The strangely little time she spends on the magazine is under debate as it projects the image that magazines don’t put in as much effort when it comes to social media.

4. Unnecessary free time and breaks from the office

If you work in a magazine, you usually have a ton of tasks to complete. But it seems in the season that three characters have plenty of time on their hand.

All three leading characters Jane, Kat, and Sutton are able to leave their desks anytime to go shopping and hang out. Occasionally, they tag along with Sutton on fashion visits without any particular work-related reasons. This simply makes no sense. Another crazy thing to highlight is that their seniors and editor-in-chief never really confront their absences, and if they do, the ladies usually get away quite easily.

5. Jane spent really, little time writing

Jane as a writer has more responsibilities than other characters. She works way less and seems to be more unrealistic than others. She only writes one or two stories a month which is way less than the normal workload. She is a feature writer in a famous magazine in Manhattan, which demands so much more than usual. She executes more in her mind rather than producing original work in the office.

Some critics argue that writers usually have so much work on their desks that they don’t even have time for lunch breaks. But for Jane, it’s magically easy to write a few words in a short moment and enjoy the rest of the day with long breaks.

6. Fashion Closets and Hangouts

The fashion closet is one of the most closely guarded areas where sensitive information on upcoming issues are held. But in the current season, we constantly see the three ladies hang out in that closet like it’s not a big deal, discussing their love life, drinking champagne, and laughing without any worries. 

No random staff member is allowed to enter or borrow stuff from there. You can’t borrow a perfume on the shoot the next day and take it out of town like it’s not a big deal. It’s just unrealistic!

Quick wrap-up!

Being a popular TV show with a strong storyline and amazing characters, they really need to fact-check their scripts a little more.

In this show, we are constantly bombarded with scenes of girls hanging out in a fashion closet during working hours, borrowing without formal requests different sponsored items from the fashion closet and going on long breaks for shopping. 

The next time you apply for a job at a fashion magazine, you can keep your job much longer by not doing what these ladies did, all the best!

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