Third Day of Christmas at People’s Inc.

Christmas greetings from your friends at the People’s Inc. (PINC for short)!
We’re sure that you enjoyed the second day of Christmas so now, we proceed to the third day of Christmas here at PINC.
On the third day of Christmas, People’s Inc. is set to send three links to THREE MAJOR BRANDS that have a 30 percent discount for a limited run only.
Here are the brands to check out today:


Are you a fan of urban jewellery? Then KRKC&CO is the brand for you. Flaunt your cool with their whole range of chains, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings to choose from. Designs are available for both men and women so hop on to right here and use discount code, DEC, to enjoy 30 percent off for each purchase you make!

Hats and accessories

Oh, how we love Christys’ collection of hats and accessories. If you’re a Christys’ fan just like us, then you’re in luck. You can now get their iconic breton hats at 30 percent off. Choose from any of these designs when you shop right here! Look like the sophisticated lady or gentleman that you are with a Christys’ breton hat sold for a steal.


Looking for grips, mounts, or wallets for your pocket phone? Then PopSockets should be right up your alley. Enjoy reliable accessories for your pocket phones with eye-catching designs when you get any PopSockets of your choice. You can even get your own custom made PopSockets, and what’s more? Get 30 percent off when you use the discount code CUSTOM30 when you shop here.
And that’s it, at least for today. Make sure to check us out for more sales and discounts because we’ll be uncovering them soon!
The third day of Christmas truly looks bright and beautiful here at PINC so be part of our campaign by signing up right here today.

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