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Anklets are one of the most underrated fashion accessories. They are unassuming but glorious when worn–a piece that every fashionable woman should have. They are timeless pieces that have been worn for over 8000 years ago by both girls and women in South Asia, to symbolise their marital status. When a woman in India are gifted with an anklet, it is a man’s way of saying he wants to marry her.

Today, the use of anklets has gone beyond declaring one’s marital status. It has become a fashion staple, with ladies from all over the world wearing them casually. What’s great about wearing an anklet is that it complements just about any outfit so there’s no need to worry about mixing and matching at all.

If you’re into anklets or just want to spruce up your style, make sure that you get your ankle accessories only from a store that values exquisite jewellery craftsmanship. Now it’s time to make your feet sparkle with some bling!

4MM Tennis Anklet 

8MM Iced Cuban Link Anklet

5MM Link Chain Anklet

Get the most stylish women’s anklets at KRKC&CO, who has an in-house team of highly skilled designers who are hands-on when it comes to choosing the materials, the modelling, cutting, polishing, and the works.

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