If we were in Genshin Impact

It’s official. We’re crazy about miHoyo’s Genshin Impact!
Full of breathtaking elemental magic and high octane action, this fantasy open-world environment gives all the thrill you need in a free-to-play action role-playing game.
What once was an online-only game was just released for Android, iOS, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows this year! As a tribute, we are reimagining the PINC team as Genshin Impact characters. Enjoy the quest!

Sab as Klee.

Sharing the same energy and strength, Sab is definitely Klee. This character may be your average youngling – energetic, playful, and adventurous, but don’t let that youthful veneer fool you. She can whip up bombs and explosives at a bat of an eyelash! Known for her pale blonde hair, elf-like-eyes, and light red skin, and her four-leaf insignia with two feathers, Klee will help you survive the dangerous world of Pyro!

Ed as Zhong Li

Ed is Zhongli personified – calm, reserved, and polite. This Geo character is as philosophical as he is knowledgeable and mysterious. He is known for his long dark brown coat and the Rex Lapis’ diamond symbol on his back. His Geo Vision on a chain at the back of his coat pretty much tells you which element drives him. Powerful and deadly, you wouldn’t want Zhongli to be your enemy.

Pak as Xingqiu.

Cool and collected, Pak is definitely Xingqiu! Judging from his look, Hydro powers this character! Xingqui may be calm in the outside, but he packs a punch in the inside being a practitioner of the Guhua Clan’s arts. Adventurous and quite mischievous, he can get away with pretty much everything. A master of the chivalric code and the eccentric mindset that comes along with it, this character is known for his dark navy blue hair and a blue earring with a gold tassel on his right ear is the perfect character of martial arts fans!

Celest possessing Dendro magic.

Celeste is undoubtedly a Dendro character! A vegan and a nature lover, she’ll fit right in since Dendro is powered by nature. Not too many playable characters represent the Dendro element. Still, with Baizhu, a Dendro-powered character, making a recent appearance, we’re looking forward to what this element has to offer!

Isaiah as Chongyun.

Isaiah is Chongyun in the flesh. They share the same excessive positive energy, and his positivity is his power! He gets to deal with negative energy as the resident exorcist in the Genshin Impact universe. Honest and upright, Chongyun might have chilling Cyro-driven capabilities, but he’ll always be a warm and positive ally when he’s on your side.

Lei as Mona Megistus.

Lei is the astrologer Mona Megistus. Both quiet and insightful, Lei is the perfect fit for Mona! This character is powered by Electro. And rightly so. People get shocked by her accurate and sometimes, too honest, assessment of their futures. Known for her purple and black ensemble, this is one compelling character to play!

With so many characters in the Genshin Impact world, you’re bound to find a character that best represents you! Share your character pick when you sign up here today.

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