Biggest makeup trends in 2020

2020 may have just come and gone, but it has not dampened the colourful world of cosmetics! Despite the challenges that came with this crazy year, people still found a way to look their best thanks to the power of glamorous makeup. Let’s look back at the best makeup trends in 2020!

Fox eye

This is one trend that we absolutely adore! Chic and elegant, the fox eye makeup exploded in 2020. So exactly why is it called ‘fox eye’? Well, the goal of this makeup fad is to achieve that perfect elongated look of almond-shaped eyes that resembles that of a fox’s. One can get this look with the expert use of eyeliner, concealer, false eyelashes, and other cosmetics.

Bella Hadid fox eye make up MTV carpet

Photo credit: Popsugar

Graphic/Floating eyeliner

What was huge in the 60s has made a major comeback! Made popular by supermodel Twiggy in 1960, this style made waves among makeup artists, Hollywood stars, and bloggers this year. Known for a clear line between the lash line and brow, this wonderfully minimal makeup style is a chic alternative to the heavily blended eye. It comes as no surprise why so many embraced this classic trend.

Kylie Jenner with orange floating crease eyeliner

Photo credit: Glamour

Face stamps

This makeup trend ruled TikTok and Instagram this year! Face stamps prints that you can easily apply on your face with a unique eyeliner-like ink formula. These prints come in different shapes and sizes. From the super cutesy like hearts and flowers to the downright edgy, including lightning bolts and alien faces, this trend was especially popular among teens!

Milk Makeup model with new tattoo stamps

Photo credit: HelloGiggles

Neon eyeshadow

The neon eyeshadow makeup fad is the perfect counterweight to the doom and gloom the year 2020 was. Everyone seems to be in on the neon act. We saw a lot of shocking oranges, pinks, and greens light up the eyes of many celebrities and influencers. Daring and bold, this fad is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Here’s a challenge: If you haven’t tried this trend before, then put on neon eyeshadow before the year ends!

Photo credit: Byrdie

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