A gentleman’s essentials

Like it or not, there is some truth to the adage, “Clothes make the man.” How you present, yourself is the first thing people see, so being judged based on how you look and the things you have is sometimes inevitable. If you want to get a gentleman’s vibe across, then you’ve got look the part. Here are some gentleman’s essentials to take note of!

Tailored suits

The best suit is that which fits you perfectly. That said, suits are not created equally. They might be a tad too tight or too loose. A tailored suit can fix all these problems. Since the suit is adjusted to fit you to a tee, look your best and feel your best with an exquisitely tailored suit. Believe us. It’s worth the investment!


Any gentleman is in need of a high-quality wallet. There’s nothing more gentlemanly than a man drawing out a luxurious-looking wallet and pulling out a card or cash. Leather wallets will definitely do the trick! Remember, wallets for men have different sizes. There’s the traditional modular bifold. There’s the longer parliament wallet. There’s a shorter version of the parliament wallet that is designed to fit business cards. Which is your pick? You might want to check go-to essentials for men virtual store, Ekster, right here.


Any gentleman would know the value of an exquisite timepiece. This eye-catching staple adds even more style points plus it makes for a good investment. Instantly look the part when you include a luxurious watch in your gentleman’s must-haves.


A gentleman always has something to do. From meetings to business ventures, he has to keep track of a whirlwind of events with him at the centre of it all. A phone then becomes a gentleman’s lifeline. With it, he can do almost anything – track time and finances, conduct virtual meetings, and communicate with people in his personal and professional circles. With the phone subjected to frequent use, its protection should be prioritised. These protective cases from Ekster will do the trick! Check them out today!


Accessorising goes a long way, especially for men. We’re not just talking about jewellery. We have accessories for your computer, your tablet, and other tech-related gadgets. Any gentleman would love to see this Ekster collection that only sells top quality accessories. Find them here!

Whether it’s a gift for you or others, these gentleman’s essentials are a must if you want to stand out as the dashing debonair that you are! More gentleman’s essentials are within your reach when you shop right here.

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