5 ways to support local businesses

Widespread closures and limited travel have affected local businesses. It’s time that we all step up and help them! There are five ways to support local businesses and help give the economy that much needed boost.

Write a positive review.

A glowing review is a huge come on. By featuring small businesses positively in your social media pages, you are actually helping them achieve a wider reach. Take a photo of their product and post it with an accompanying glowing caption. This kind of help is always appreciated and will definitely go a long way where public engagement is concerned.

Follow or like on social media.

Social media marketing is a numbers game. The more followers you have, the wider your reach. Just by tapping the follow or like button of these local businesses, you are effectively getting the word out for them. This free advertisement will help businesses attract even more customers, especially at a time when everyone’s basically on social media.

Share to your friends and family.

Sharing is engagement in action. By sharing information or the actual page of a local business, you are hitting multiple birds with one stone. You recommend them. You legitimize their product or services. You help them get the word out. Never underestimate the power of posts. They are major influencers of human action, so a simple post is worth a thousand words.

Give them a shout out.

Many influencers do this in their blogs, vlogs, and videos. Just like post sharing, it’s a way to acknowledge a local business for a job well done publicly. Don’t forget to tag them in your post and add relevant hashtags for a better reach!

Subscribe or sign up to their newsletter.

Most businesses are now releasing updates via online newsletters. Subscribing or signing up to receive newsletters will keep you updated with the comings and goings of your chosen local business. By showing your support, you will inspire local business owners to dig deep and keep on going despite the challenges. Do you want to be a superhero this pandemic season? You can by helping our local businesses! They need all the help we can give so let’s don our mask and cape and get to work.

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