What Christmas is all about

Christmas can mean a lot of things to different people. It can be viewed in a variety of ways – from the most religious to the most secular. Here at People’s Inc. (PINC), we celebrate Christmas with the loving company of friends and family. Here’s what Christmas is all about with your family at PINC!


Christmas is time to be a blessing to others. It is not about what we will receive but what we are willing to give. That is why we talk a lot about gift ideas for the special people in our lives. Giving gifts is the meaning of this season since it reminds us to celebrate our relationships and friendships. These awesome people are our true gifts, so what better way to acknowledge that than putting a smile on their faces with a gift?


Who doesn’t want a little Christmas cheer in their homes? Well, we do love this idea that’s why: put up Christmas stockings! Hey, we’re old enough to know the Santa in popular culture may not be real (spoiler alert), but we all can be Santa, right? Time to fill up those stockings with all the treats possible. It really doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice. We love you all the same!

Santa hats

Speaking of taking the mantle of that great man in a red jumpsuit, why not take it to a whole new level by wearing Santa Claus garb? That’s right! Santa hats give you all the holiday feels and cheers that you’ll instantly be in the mood to give gifts. Giving gifts is yet another meaning for Christmas so do it with flair while wearing a Santa hat!


The spirit of Christmas is also felt in the cosy warmth of our homes. In fact, Christmas gives us warm and fuzzy memories of fun with family and friends. So let’s decorate our homes for the season. From a breathtaking Christmas tree to sparkling lights, we can amp up all the feels that this season brings by making our home a beautiful Christmas abode.

Spending time with loved ones

Of course, the truest meaning of Christmas is being surrounded by family and friends. Everything else comes secondary. Relationships and friendships are what Christmas is all about so let’s find the time to spend time with loved ones this Christmas season!

The pandemic may have affected how we celebrate Christmas this year, but it will never change what Christmas is all about – the celebration of love and life among family and friends!

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