How to know if your current career isn’t right for you

Most working adults spend the majority of their time at their jobs. If you don’t enjoy the role you are doing, life is going to be miserable. It is vital for your well-being to find work you enjoy completing on a day-to-day basis.

The Pew Research Center says 30 percent of Americans view their job as something they do to get by. This means you may possibly be one of the millions unsatisfied in their current role.

In order to reach your potential and be happy at work, you must first be able to identify if you have chosen the wrong career for yourself.

Working a job where you aren’t comfortable will have not only professional consequences but also health consequences. For this reason, it’s important to know how to identify warning signs at your workplace.

If any of the below warning signs align with how you feel at work, it may be time to switch careers, perhaps by learning new tech skills to land a job in the booming tech industry.

Salary is too low

If you are always complaining about not being paid enough for the work you do, that could be a sign it is time to switch careers. Finding yourself always disappointed by your salary could be a sign that you also do not align with the company you are currently working for.

If you wish to earn a higher salary, learning new skills and entering the tech industry is a safe bet. For example, data science is a career that doesn’t require intensive tech skills. Analysing business data to meet objectives, you could earn $100,000 or more as a data scientist, according to Glassdoor.

To reach this goal, you should consider attending some of the best data science bootcamps, which allow you to earn the skills you need to switch careers in under one year and also allow you to work while studying.

No room for professional growth

Having the opportunity to rise in rank at your workplace is key to being fulfilled. If your employer has you stuck in a rut, this could be another sign it is time to switch careers. Most of us feel most comfortable, confident, and motivated when employers provide us with development opportunities. If your organisation does not let you grow, that’s a big sign you should get a new job.

Another tech job example for a possible career switch could be becoming a web developer, a field that requires constant growth on part of its workers. As a web developer, if you don’t stay on top of new trends and technologies, upgrading your skills along the way and landing higher roles, you will not find success in your career. This could lead to a more rewarding work experience.

Strengths are not recognised

If your employer does not recognise and put your strengths to use, you may be wondering what the point is of holding your current job position. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to switch careers.

If you can apply your talents at work, you are more likely to be satisfied and this will be beneficial to your overall happiness at the workplace. If this does not sound possible, your current job may not be for you.

Another tech industry example to consider if you are looking to ensure your talent is out to use is becoming a software engineer. Engineers are experts at coding, which is both a learned skill and a talent that is required to be put to work constantly when coding programs.

If you cannot apply your coding talent as a software engineer, then you won’t be able to produce popular programs and will fail at your job. This challenge can be quite rewarding and lead to being happier at work


If you find yourself in any of the above situations, know that you are not alone. Many people find themselves in a similar position worldwide. It’s what you do next that matters.

Diving headfirst into the exciting and booming tech industry can be a great option, especially since many short-term, intensive coding bootcamps can teach you the skills needed to land a variety of growing tech jobs.

These programs will take you from no experience to being a tech professional in less than one year. Many of these schools have flexible class schedules, including online and in-person classes offered both full-time and part-time.

Even better, many coding bootcamps, like those at Galvanize, also offer financing assistance through deferred tuition payments and income-sharing agreements. This allows you to complete your bootcamp with a signed agreement to pay back the tuition after you have landed your first job.

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