It’s Halloween at the People’s Inc.

Once upon a time… not long ago, a handsome boy named Pak, joined a startup called People’s Inc. Little did he know, this was no ordinary startup, behind closed doors was a magic unicorn world filled with rainbows and happy thoughts.

This fine spooky day, the #bossman Pak headed back to the office, like every other day. But today was a little special. Today was our weekly dine and music party that happens every week in our special magical realm, #byinviteonly.

To top it off, unlike other weeks, this week we had a special theme… it was Halloween!

He walks through the door and jumps into the magical realm to join the rest of the People’s Inc. team for the annual Halloween party!

Before we share what happened, here are some fun facts about Halloween that’ll blow your mind!

🧟 Close to 200 million people celebrate Halloween all over the world. It might be different this year because of the pandemic, but the spirit of the season prevails! People are finding ways to celebrate Halloween without putting anyone at risk. Socially-distanced trick-or-treating, anyone?

🧟 The most popular costumes for kids are royalty and superheroes. Princes, princesses, and characters from Marvel and DC are the kings and queens of costumes. We can only hope that the monsters don’t stage a revolt to take their rightful place in Halloween costumery.

🧟 It’s going to be a full moon this Halloween night. You know what that means right (evil laugh resounds in the hallway)?

🧟 So what do people splurge on during Halloween – two major things: treats and decoration. For treats, the go-to candies are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, MM’s, Snickers, and Starbust. For decoration, expect a lot of jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, bats, coffin cut-outs, and spiderwebs around the neighbourhood. Sure places one in the mood for a major scarefest.

🧟 A dose of nostalgia please so we can forget for a second that we’re in the midst of this long-winded pandemic. Did you know that the largest Halloween parade is held every year in Manhattan? That’s right. The annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in New York draws as many as 2 million spectators and over 60,000 people wearing costumes. Looking forward to seeing this once again once this pandemic blows over.

So as we said, we’re lighting up our jack-o-lanterns and getting in the Halloween mood right here in the People’s Inc. Why don’t you join us? Sign up right here and share with us how you’re celebrating the scariest time of the year.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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