Funny statement shirts that’ll make your day

To a lot of people, statement tees are overrated. With cheesy lines plastered on a shirt, some individuals cringe and feel sorry for the person wearing one. But of course, not all statement shirts are corny. There are quite a number that are hilarious and garments that you wouldn’t mind adding to your wardrobe.

Lucky for you, the People’s Inc. team compiled some of the funniest and silliest statement shirts that you can buy today.

Drink beer 3 days a week shirt

People always make fun of how they deal with alcohol and usually, this shirt perfectly sums how much liquor a typical person usually finishes in a week. Raise your hands up if you can relate.

Limited edition – Harry Pawter hooded jacket

Perfect for all the feline-loving friends out there. This hooded Harry Pawter jacket might be attention-grabbing but it’s the most low-key way of shouting that you are a cat person.

The *you’re shirt

This statement tee encapsulates all the grammatical errors normal people commit yet grammar Nazis make a great deal of. We all know how it goes–you say or write something, a grammar police tries to correct your English. Grammar Nazi or not, we can all agree that this is a pun-ny one.

Statement shirts might come off a little tacky but when designed right and when it bears the right message, they are actually cute garments that will make or break your streetwear.

So what are you waiting for? Make a statement with your outfit!

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