Binge-worthy anime recommendations

Attention, anime fans!

Here are some of our binge-worthy anime recommendations that you should definitely check out.

Volleyball has never been this exciting! Follow the story of Shoyo Hinata, a young boy who, in spite of his small stature, dreams to be a legendary volleyball player. Based on the manga by renowned writer, Haruichi Furudate, this sports anime spawned four films and five original video animations. This four-season series has already been dubbed in English and is currently making waves in the US via Sentai Filmworks. Will Shoyo achieve his dream? Find out when you binge-watch this super exciting shonen anime!

Attack on Titan
No list of binge-worthy anime recommendations would be complete without Attack on Titan. Based on a manga written and illustrated by prolific author Hajime Isayama, this series tells the story of humans trying to survive the onslaught of giant man-eating humanoids called Titans. Eren Yeager is the lead character who becomes the reluctant hero after losing his mother and his home to a Titan who levelled their hometown. Both a critical and commercial success, it comes as no surprise that its popularity has not waned over the years.

One-Punch Man
If superhero films are your thing, then One-Punch Man should be right up your alley. This series follows Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any adversary with, you guessed it right, one punch (hence the title). Instead of the usual hero VS villain narrative, this series focuses on Saitama’s existential struggle – is there anyone out there who can be a worthy opponent? Funny and light-hearted, this one is definitely a must-binge for any anime fan!

Your lie in April
This anime is based on the manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa. It tells the story of piano prodigy Kosei Arima who loses interest in playing the piano and life in general after his mother’s sudden death. His mental breakdown is symbolised by his monochromatic view of the world until beautiful, free-spirited violinist Kaori Miyazano enters the picture. Poignant and heartbreaking, this series will tug on those heartstrings in all the right places.

This series features a controversial plot which makes it infinitely more interesting. It follows the inner workings of Hyakkaou Private Academy where student hierarchy is determined by one’s prowess in gambling. Win and you get all the prestige and popularity. Lose and become a slave, a literal house pet. Here’s the cruel twist – if you are unable to pay your debts by the time you graduate, you would have to pay with your life. Intense plot, right? So bring on the controversy! This is one anime series that you can’t afford to miss.

These are just some of our binge-worthy recommendations! What’s yours? Leave us a comment for us to find out.

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