Work-from-home tips for parents

The threat of COVID-19 is forcing working parents into a remote work setup. While others have adjusted well into working from home, majority are struggling to stay productive.

Being stuck at home with kids who demand your constant attention while also attending to client emails and work Zoom meetings can be exhausting and challenging.

But parents, you don’t have to go crazy. With the right attitude and our tips below, you can navigate the difficulties of a WFH setup and learn how to be productive while working from your home.

Adjust your schedule. Create a schedule that will allow you to dedicate exclusive hours merely for office functions and also one that will give you time to be a full-time parent too. Keep in mind the hours when your children need you the most and don’t set up meetings when you know there will be a lot of nagging from your kids.

Use the Pomodoro technique. The idea of the Pomodoro technique is to set a timer, usually set at 20 minutes, where you work straight without any interruption. When the time is up, take a 2-minute (or 5) break and use that to stretch or say hi and play a little game with your kids. You’ll be amazed at how much work you can actually finish with this productivity hack.

Set up a home office. Yes, dedicate a space in your house where you can use solely for work. Your children will associate the space with work so they will be less likely to disturb you when you’re in the home office.

Expect distractions but bounce back strong. Whether it’s your baby throwing a tantrum or the delivery man coming in, there will always be distractions in a WFH setup. So stay flexible and don’t fuss over family matters that will need your immediate attention.

We know how challenging working at home can be but nothing is impossible. Follow our tips and you’ll be a work-from-home pro.

Check out this video to recap.

We’re with you, your People’s Inc. family. If you need more remote work advice, join us at now.

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