Feel-good movies that will surely lighten your mood

We can all agree that 2020 has been tough for everyone and we don’t need any more bad news than it already brought us.

And if you’re still wary about going out because of the coronavirus, then might as well get your dose of happy hormones with some feel-good movies that you can watch with your beau or your gal pals.

Are you ready to “Netflix and chill”? Here are some of our best recommendations.

    • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – This teenage romantic comedy film revolves around a lady called Lara Jean Covey and how her supposedly hidden love letters to her five crushes were mailed and exposed to each one.
    • Always Be My Maybe – Totally hilarious yet heart-warming, Always Be My Maybe explores the two different worlds of two childhood sweethearts who only met again as adults 16 years after their teenage fling.
    • Someone Great – This is the perfect girls’-night-out movie that shows the value of friendship. Touching and fun, Someone Great follows the adventure of a music journalist who goes out on a New York adventure with her ladies following a blindsiding breakup.
    • Set It Up – Totally funny and engaging, Set It Up is a movie about how two assistants decided to set up their bosses just to have them stop harassing them (being underpaid and all). Watch out what happens next!
    • Okja – The only Korean film in our list, Okja is a heart-warming film by award-winning director Bong Joon Ho, that follows the adventure of a girl and her giant mutant pig. Be ready to get your hearts touched.

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