Sending LOVE to the #pinccouple WINNER!


L – is for the way you look at me.
O – is for the only one I see.
V – is very, very extraordinary
E – even more than anyone that you adore…

Love is still in the air for us because we have been looking at many many images tagged #pinccouple!

If you didn’t know what happened last month, we had a campaign where we encouraged couples to show appreciation to each other. We also wanted to reward our users by giving you a chance to win 3645 points.

3645 means LOVE, using a Pythagoras based alpha-numerical sum of “love” is L(3), O(6), V(4) and E(5).

This time around, we only have ONE WINNER.

And the winner is *drum roll*



Points will be credited into your account within the month of March.

Want to win points that will translate to cash! Be part of the PINC community!

Sign up at We’ve got more contests coming up that you can join to win more PINC points!

Until then, stay tuned to this page because we are going to be sending MORE LOVE your way!

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