Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day

Some may be excited to celebrate this day of love with your loved one while others declare Single Awareness Day (SAD). But wait, time to put this celebration into perspective – it is not about YOU!

It is about loving others and sharing that love. This is the day many couples show appreciation to each other (but let’s face it, some are just expecting something without return *ahem ahem*). However, it is also important to intentionally show love to our parents, our children and our friends – all of whom we LOVE!

We at PINC, love you! We love you for supporting our platform and being so engaging all the time! Hence, we want to show you our love by giving you a chance to win 3645 points.

But… isn’t 3645 such a random number.

No, it is not.

3645 means LOVE!

Using a Pythagoras based alpha-numerical sum of “love” is L(3), O(6), V(4) and E(5).

How can you win 3645 points?

  1. Create an account at www.thepeoplesinc.org
  2. Snap a photo that relates to Valentine’s day (loving your friends, family or significant other)
  3. Post on PINC and use the hashtag #pinccouple to join the contest.
  4. Double your chances of winning by using the hashtag #pinccouple on Instagram and other social media platforms.

We want to FEEL the love through our screens! The more YOU post, the higher your chances of winning!

Grab your loved one and start posing for the cameras. Once you’ve got a good shot, upload it! The more YOU post, the higher your chances of winning!

Don’t delay, the campaign ends February 29, 2020.

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