More friends = MORE POINTS!

Before the end of this year, at PINC we would like to reward you with PINC points! For those of you who are part of the community, cheers to you!

Let us tell you how you can start raking up cash through your PINC points. Yes, we know how much you like to post your photos and update us on the interesting things that you do on PINC, but you will need to get your support in! That support system is your besties engaging in your posts!

What’s more? You can get points by simply referring your friends to sign up.

But first, if you are new to PINC and want to earn points quickly, you need to know how the platform works, and it’s easy. PINC is a social media platform that users can share, shop and engage – the plus point is, users have the ability to earn cash through points.

You can also customise your social and commerce experience through the platform. Now, this gives brands the know-how and data to interact better with their you on a platform, where you can safely enjoy and scroll.

The steps to earn points are easy. If you refer your friends to PINC and they sign up, you automatically get 300 PINC points!


A whopping 300!!!

And you can earn more points if you invite more friends to sign up.

Invite your friends (or fans) to shop similar fashion styles, new gadgets and current obsessions on the platform. Be sure to tag all the products on your post.


With more friends that engage and view (and even buy) from your profile, you will rake up points really fast. No man is an island, especially on PINC.

So what are you waiting for, send your referrals NOW!

If you don’t have a PINC account yet, don’t miss out on all the fun and points you can earn. Sign up now at!

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