12 days of Christmas giftaways


Have you been a good child this year? We hear a few yes and a few mumbling nope, well, you’re going to get something cool from us regardless!

In the spirit of the twelve days of Christmas, we are going to give out lots of PINC points that you can eventually redeem to CASH! Ho Ho Ho, you must be wondering now if we are actually the Santa Claus of social media.

But before we get into the details of the Christmas presents, let’s talk about how you can participate in our giftaways right away!

How to participate:

  1. Create an account over www.thepeoplesinc.org/signup (Or log in to your existing account over at www.thepeoplesinc.org/login).
  2. Post a picture in PINC about Christmas, share with us a nice experience you had this year, put in the hashtag #pincxmas and you’re 90% ready!
  3. Leave a comment below this post with your PINC username, tag 5 friends and you are officially part of the PINC Christmas Giftaway lucky draw!

BONUS: Post on Instagram, tag us, tag 5 friends and #pincxmas to double your winning chances!

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“Okay, I’m really interested, but what are the prizes???”

We heard your question loud and clear! For the first 11 days, there will be up to three (3) lucky daily winners of 1,000 PINC points, that’s a total of 33,000 points we are gifting you guys, OMG! On the final twelveth day of Christmas, there will be one lucky grand winner of 12,000 points right into your PINC account, now that deserves a loud HO HO HO! Don’t forget, these points can be redeemed into CASH!

Remember, if you do not have a PINC account yet, sign up at www.thepeoplesinc.org today! Here’s a little Christmas special treat: Share your PINC referral link to your friends and get 300 extra points* to sweeten your coming Christmas right away! (*terms and conditions do apply – they will need to complete their profile and actually post to be considered a valid referral).

What are you waiting for? Start your Christmas right with PINC and get those lovely PINC points as lovely prezzies!

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