Who won the future?

Have you ever thought about changing the world? Or creating something that decides the course of the future? Like the Wright brothers about flight or Bell about communication.

Today, we have that potential to own a piece of the future, and Techsumption Ventures seeks to amplify it.


Just recently, Nanyang High-Tech Innovation Centre (NTUIC) and Techsumption Ventures collaborated to bring about a contest for international entrepreneurs aptly named “Win the Future”. It was an initiative spearheaded by the Suzhou International Elite Venture Week Alliance to support foreign entrepreneurship and foster cross-cultural exchange in business.

A contest to battle out for the best of the best is cool but what is better is that this initiative will give winners access to millions of RMB in support and funding to achieve their new start-up dreams in China. We don’t know about you, but it does seem like a reality TV show akin to Asia’s Got Talent, just in terms of tech biz. This also enables winners to let their ideas take off and having a large pool of audience to interact and sell their product or service.

To say that the contest was well-received is an understatement. With close to 100 applications received in 10 days, 10 top selected teams have pitched their projects during the contest.

In the meantime, we got to enjoy delicious and sumptuous tea and dinner offerings while networking with the best people from the local start-up community. That is the thing about events like these, even if you are not a part of it, you will meet people who are and others who are stepping stones to your very own success.

We were taken on a journey to get to know more about Suzhou and China, along with the tremendous market opportunity that China has to offer.

At last, it was time for the pitching to be done. We were sitting at the edge of the seat – imagine, the next big thing that is not big – just yet, is about to be unveiled, and we’ve got first class tickets to see it coming to pass.

A total of six rammed their way to becoming winners and will be heading to Suzhou. Who are they?

1st Prize: NDR Medical
Robotics system with AI & Image Processing for automated lesion targeting

2nd Prize: Osteopore International Pte Ltd
Medical device manufacturer of biomimetic, bioresorbable devices that empower natural tissue regeneration

2nd Prize: VRcollab
VRCollab takes modeling to the next level, enabling architects, engineers, planners, and consultants to collaborate seamlessly on construction projects

3rd Prize: MDE Solutions
The future Pioneer of the marine intelligence ecosystem

3rd Prize: AutoSENS Pte Ltd
Easy-to-apply hydrophobic and advanced nano-coatings that form an ultra-strong bond with a multitude of surfaces

3rd Prize: XYConnect
Product and solution of 5G cell embedded smart streetlight make the lowest cost 5G deployment and smart city. All of them will be battling it out at the “Suzhou International Elite Venture Week” next month. However, this time, they are also up against other start-ups from around the world for further market expansion opportunities and an even bigger cash prize pool in Suzhou, China.

Having “Win the Future” Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs in Singapore is evidence that there is increasing confidence and faith that the Suzhou government has placed in our Singapore based start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Plus, it is a double win for winners as they are able to not just make a name for themselves in Singapore, but expand – almost immediately to China.

Indeed, the future has no borders, and technology is the core player in the field.

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