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There is always something happening in the little-big island, Singapore. Events, functions, conventions, openings and so much more. How do you know which is worth your attendance? After all, time is of the essence and we would not want to free up our time for something that does not concern us.

However, let us move your attention to an exclusive event that is shaping the future – and it has to do with money and how it is spent. 60 of Asia’s payment leaders are coming together during this elite conference to discuss and debate on the future of payments in Asia. We are looking at a total of 350 industry leaders from banking and financial institutions, governments and technology companies that will be attending The Seamless Summit.

Great, influential people are attending this summit, but if you are wondering how this concerns you, we’ll break it down for you.

There will be queries and thoughts about the future of commerce and how technology is going to spur it ahead. Within a decade, payment systems have flourished from only card and cash to a myriad of payment types – cash is not king anymore. Technology has now taken over the foundation of commerce and is fundamentally changing the entire ecosystem. We are in every way, consumers of commerce. It is a means of exchange and a vital one too. As consumers, businesses, and governments adapt to a digital world, the desire for tech-enabled solutions that improve traditional transaction methods, online business, and financial services is growing rapidly.

Now that is why you will have to be in the know about what is happening in the world of tech commerce. More so if you are business owners and entrepreneurs. This conference will not only touch on payment gateways and systems, but it is also built on the whole ecosystem that will thrive on new technology, driving it into the future.

Plus, if you didn’t know already, the APAC region accounts for 40% of global e-commerce sales and by 2025, online sales are predicted to be worth $88 billion. However, despite the quick surge, there are still 438 million people in APAC that are still unbanked. This puts us in a very unique environment with our own set of unique hurdles.

Here at The Seamless Summit, you will be in the know about the future of payments and commerce, about what is churning up soon and the estimated timelines. There will be talks covering payments, e-commerce, smart retail, financial inclusion, banking and card technology, digital ID and solutions. The good news is, these tracks are free to attend.

That is not all, on the agenda is also a regional showcase theatre hosting the best e-commerce and payment players in each market with 350 leading industry speakers over two days and 150 technology companies showcasing the latest payments, banking, fintech, card, and retail technology solutions.

Don’t you think you should join over 6,000 attendees from banks, retail, e-commerce, government, enterprise and technology at Suntec Convention Centre for The Seamless Summit?

This is a paid or by invitation only conference, and that is why we are inviting you!

Register HERE for The Seamless Summit that will be happening on June 25th to 27th at Level 4, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore.

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