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First and foremost, we’d like to thank you for giving this post a read; and if you’re already a PINC user, kudos to you! If not for your support, our platform would not have achieved immense growth!

Here at PINC, we’re constantly trying to better our platform providing users with a better experience and more importantly, more perks for sharing your content with us.

earn as you interact and share pinc blog

Technically, the feature has launched a while back but has been undergoing some tests hence we haven’t officially announced it till now. So, what is this feature we’re talking about? Make a guess?


Okay, enough suspense. I’ll tell you.

When we first launched, you get five (5) points whenever you post on the platform. Now, when you heart a post, comment and event tag products; you gain points for it. Isn’t that exciting? In short:

● 1 point for hearting.
● 2 points for commenting.
● 1 point each for product tagging.

Slowly but sure, we’re keeping our promise and enhancing the platform little by little, day by day.

The common queries we’ve been getting is:

“What are these points for?”

For one, you can cash it out for yes, cash. (However, there is a minimum cashout value and unfortunately, we’re not able to lift that because of the administrative process and cost for cashing out.)

You can also use these points to buy virtual gifts for our content creators (which is basically any and everyone of you who share your content) that you deem deserving. We’ll go into more details about the gifting feature and what’s to become of it in a separate post, but for now, you can explore it by logging in and clicking on the gift icon on each and every post.

In time to come, you can also redeem items from our redemption store; and even purchase products straight up from the products tagged.

“How can I cash out?”

Well, you’ll see a cashout button when you have enough points. So, don’t be shocked that you don’t see it now.

There are tons more questions, but these two are the most common. If you have any questions of your own, leave us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

Alright, I’m off now. Till next post folks, thanks for the read!

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