PINC at the ACE Market Immersion: An unforgettable experience

As a platform that attempts to encourage all types of users to experience the ease and joy of social media, PINC is always ready to give conventions a shot. Not to disappoint, this year’s ACE Market Access Programme was spectacular.

Being one of the leading events in the crypto industry, the ACE Market Access Programme aims to increase awareness on the latest and hippest news, to encourage and startups in pursuing their ideas. In detail, the event will guide startups through a journey of business model and product validation, while remaining as an avenue to expand one’s prospects and connections.

To make sure this event is a success, the Action Community for Entrepreneurship International Centre (ACEIC) managed and handled all potential concerns. Startups, such as PINC, are encouraged to join the programme as they will have the opportunity to be trained by professionals for the development of Singapore and other regional markets.

Getting more interested?

Here are some of the benefits your company can achieve when you join ACE too:

1. Startups will learn how to assess the suitability of the market for the company’s further expansion.
2. Startups will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be introduced to businesses, investors, and partners in related fields.
3. Startups will be given the chance of participating in private consultations.
4. Members of startups may join in knowledge workshops and clinics, thereby increasing their technology capabilities.
5. Startups may also consult with various professional service, which includes but are not limited to, tax, legal, accounting, talent, and HR.

Because of these, we at PINC had the time of our lives during the event!
To start our action-packed adventure, we were given the opportunity to see Saigon Hi-Tech park led by Mr Nguyen, the Director of Innovation Hub Centre, last October 17. This was followed by a meeting and site tour of OneHub Saigon. This was one of our favourite parts of the trip as we learned a lot from Ms Phi, the Chairlady of Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB) and Department of Science and Technology who gave a talk on the startup ecosystem in Vietnam. Not to lose our momentum, we then met with Eddie Thai and Microsoft Vietnam.

During the next two days of our week, we were mostly at the event, Saigon Innovation Week 2018. From the moment we entered the venue, we knew for sure that we paid our money’s worth. We were given a chance to meet many startups, interact with them, get to know their difficulties and to know how to solve these. As a bonus, there was also an in-market mentorship program. Finally, the day ended with the signing of ACE and SIHUB MOU.

On the 19th of October, we enjoyed the startups and technology inhibition. Since we were not able to talk to more people previously, we took advantage of these opportunities and engaged with the fascinating startup ideas. After, there was “Investment Day” by Color Pencils.

All in all, we would gladly take another trip to next year’s innovation week. It was genuinely intriguing to see more and more people who are interested in furthering the crypto industry, and we learned a lot from this trip. As we all know, it is not only in Singapore that technology is booming, but most of our neighbouring countries in Asia are also getting more involved with crypto. As such, it would be an excellent opportunity to know more about these markets.

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