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CallumConnects micro-podcast is your daily dose of wholesome entrepreneurial inspiration. Hear from many different entrepreneurs in just five minutes what hurdles they have faced, how they overcame them, and their crucial learning.

The podcast is by Callum Laing, CEO and co-founder of MBH Corporation PLC, a company that acquires small businesses worldwide, leaving the founders in place.

With two decades of experience in starting, building, buying, and selling businesses, Callum published three best-selling books on business and investing. Callum has also interviewed and published more than 1,000 interviews with entrepreneurs and sits as High Commissioner to the World Business Angel Investor Forum, representing Singapore.

Callum is also one of the pioneers behind the ‘Agglomerate’ methodology, which helps small businesses gain access to capital markets and connects investors with profitable small businesses.

In a (not so) recent episode of CallumConnects, our CEO, Pak, shares his take on time management.

Pak’s time management tips:

Focus on profitability

  • It is easy to get carried away with your business’s day-to-day operations; if you are working in your business, there’s no one working on your business.
  • Twenty percent of your tasks should generate 80 percent of your revenue.
  • Focus on those tasks that move the needle for your business.
  • Exercise: write down all of the functions that you have done in the past week, categorise them into two columns – critical and secondary tasks.

Time management matrix

  • Understanding this matrix can allow you to focus on the tasks that matter.

Empowering your system

  • You now have a system and the best people to operate it.
  • Show them how it’s done, and trust or empower them to complete it.
  • If it’s not a good fit, replace it.

Every entrepreneur featured on CallumConnects has been recommended by one of their previous guests.

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