Editor’s Note: The beginning

As a child, I kept a journal. This habit was evoked from, dare I say it, homework. It’s unbelievable; someone like me that hated doing homework ended up with a lifetime hobby that started from the one thing I hated aggressively. You must be thinking, what kind of editor’s note is this? Well, unique as it may seem, it presents vulnerability and me as I am.

People’s Inc. started three years ago after I was forcefully stripped from my nine years-long projects. Admittedly, I made many mistakes when running it, focusing too much on developing new features, coming up with content; ultimately, not focusing on what made a business successful – profits. It was no doubt, and I ended having to let go of every right I had to the title I held dear for a third of my life. Fortunately, we all get second chances.

While People’s Inc. isn’t your typical publication, in fact, this supposed publication was created almost entirely “not for profit”. Given that our business model lies between marketing and technology, providing SaaS and DIFM solutions to aid in businesses’ growth, this publication can be non-commercial. It can be simply for sharing stories of success, exciting people and events; it can be made for the people, by the people.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it; we’re no PEOPLE or Vogue, or not even our local The Smart Local scale. It’s a pet project, an outlet for myself, the team, and possibly the community to share what interests them.

Our budget is limited, but if you like what you see and would like us to do more, support us by getting our membership and donate.

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