Who are you in an anime?

Anime fans are familiar with the typical roles characters play in their favourite shows. From valiant but flawed leader to the funny and loyal sidekick – the more anime you watch, the easier it is to recognise such familiar traits.

Here’s the question for the day – who are you in an anime? Here are some anime archetypes to consider for you to answer this question!

The Princess

You don’t have to be born to a royal family to be a certified anime princess. It all boils down to the person you are as well as your ideals. Majority of anime princesses commit themselves to a larger cause, often putting their lives on the line for a bigger purpose. They manage to be beautiful and graceful while being noble and heroic at the same time! If you support a cause that seeks to make the world a much better place, then you have what it takes to be an anime princess!

The Senpai

This particular anime archetype is popular among the ladies – and rightly so! Their charming ways are nothing short of enchanting. They are a lot of fun to be with, and their self-confidence is off the charts! You must be a senpai if you’re a certified heartthrob who automatically becomes the centre of attention wherever you go without trying too much.

The Tsundere

A quick language lesson – Tsundere comes from the word Tsuntsun which means aloof. That alone will already give you a clue about what this particular anime archetype is. Quiet and mysterious, no one really knows who a tsundere is or how he/she feels. However, don’t think their introversion is a negative quality. It is precisely their aloof ways that make them even more interesting!

The True Friend

Everyone needs a friend – someone loyal yet is upfront with you when you mess up. Anime honours such relationships with the true friend or sidekick archetype. From offering much-needed comic relief to offering advice (both good and bad), most anime shows feature that one good friend to the main protagonist, making this archetype easily recognisable. If you are a true friend, don’t think of yourself as secondary to the main protagonist. Being a true friend makes you the hero of the story!

So who are you in an anime? Feel free to sign up here today and share your answers in the comment section below!

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