Twelfth Day of Christmas at People’s Inc.

We’ve reached the end of our twelve days of Christmas campaign here at People’s Inc. (PINC, for short). What a beautiful way to cap off all the craziness that was 2020. We truly appreciate all of YOU for being part of our 2020. Amazing things await us as we start a brand new year so keep it here throughout 2021 and beyond!
As a fitting end to our twelve days of Christmas campaign, on the 12th day of Christmas, we are unveiling the twelve designs of our collection of PINC T-shirts featuring our cute unicorn avatars and even cuter one-liners perfect for any personality.
And you’re in luck! Because we’re giving away twelve of our T-shirts to twelve lucky winners! If you’re selected, you get to pick a T-shirt to bring back home!

How to participate

Here’s all you have to do:

1. Sign up an account with us! If you’re an existing member, log in right here!
2. Leave a comment right under this blog on your favourite memory from 2020 and tell us how you celebrated your New Years! Did you have a countdown party? Or did you stay at home, put on a show to watch and snuggle with your loved ones? Let us know!

The fun part is that you get to pick which among these lines that is SO YOU!
  • For the incessant optimist – “This is amazing!”
  • For the fiery boss babe – “I don’t care.”
  • For the mild-mannered – “I’m sorry.”
  • For the business-savvy – “Show me the money!”
  • For the friendly tea connoisseur – “You are tea-rrific.”
  • For the faith-centred fellow – “Pray more, worry less.”
  • For the ever doubtful sceptic – “Okay, but…”
  • For the mysterious introvert – “No comment.”
  • For Ms Congeniality – “You lift me up!”
  • For Mr Motivator – “Go for it!”
  • For the cool cat – “What’s popping?”
  • For the aspiring scribe – “I’m all write.”
PINC merchandise doesn’t end with T-shirts! We have jackets, bucket hats and more and guess what? We’re also giving away one full set of unicorn accessories. Find out more when you visit our blog post here. We’ll be announcing the winners for all our giveaways on the last day of January so stay tuned!
Let’s usher in a brand new year at People’s Inc. with any of these PINC T-shirt designs. Be the first to know when we do giveaways when you sign up right here!

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