Ninth Day of Christmas at People’s Inc.

We’re nearing the end of our twelve days of Christmas campaign here at People’s Inc. (PINC). We’re giving out awesome gifts for twelve straight days as our way to say thanks to all our PINC friends who have made People’s Inc. what it is today!
So what are we giving out today? Well, for the ninth day of Christmas, we’re bringing to you nine lucky winners who will get 90 percent off in our web design services (worth SGD 9,999) through our creative marketing agency, People’s Inc. 360 (PINC 360). And that’s not all! We’re also throwing in nine months of WordPress hosting.
Here’s how you can benefit from PINC 360’s professional web design services:
  • Make an excellent first impression. If you’re doing business online, it is imperative that you have the best web design that will reflect who you are and what you do at first glance. You can surely win clients and customers by making an excellent first impression. This is why you should invest in a web design done professionally. Achieve just that with PINC 360.
  • Implement innovations. There have been tons of innovations where web design is concerned. Everything from aesthetics to user experience has seen their fair share of advancements. This is where professional help comes in. By engaging the services of experts, we can implement innovations in our web design, inspiring clients and customers to keep on coming back for more.
  • Be SEO-compliant. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. There are a lot of ways to boost your SEO to attract an even bigger market. Since this is the expertise of web design professionals, hiring their services is a must if you want to improve your virtual presence as a whole.
  • Have a custom design. There are so many websites out there. Due to the COVID-19 situation where people do most of their day-to-day activities online, the number of websites has grown exponentially overnight. This is why your web design must stand out. Through professional web design services, you’ll get a custom design that aptly reflects your brand identity.
  • Engage webmaster services. Let’s face it. We can’t do everything. We can’t run a business effectively while having to sweat over the small stuff like implementing updates or publishing blogs. This is where PINC 360 comes in. Through its business solutions, you can go about your work without constantly worrying about digital marketing content management.
Now that you know how important professional web design services are, it’s time to get ahead and invest in them. For the best value for your investment, engage the services of PINC 360! Enjoy 90 percent off of our web design services from nine template designs PLUS nine months worth of WordPress hosting. Only the first nine winners can snatch away this deal!
For whom will it be beneficial, you ask? Well, our website design services can be of great help across many industries.
Each industry has at least nine designs to pick from:
  • Retail
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Professional services
  • … and more!
Including nine must-have features to pick from (or all):
  • E-commerce
  • Membership
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Events
  • Booking system
  • … and more!

What's more?

  • Fast site loading
  • Higher security
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Auto updates
  • User-friendly drag and drop builder, so you can easily update the content as and when you need!

How to participate?

1. Sign up an account with us! Already an existing member? Log in here!

2. Leave a comment right under this blog post on your new year resolutions! What are your goals for 2021? Is it to start your own small business? Create your blog? Or simply, to connect and make more friends? Let us know!

What are the next steps?

1. You’ll need to fill up a form with your particulars.
2. You’ll need to make a payment, pick the design of your preference, and pick the features to be implemented.

3. You’ll need to fill up a form to provide content and visuals.

After the steps, within nine days, the site will be live viewable.

Last but not least, once the site goes live, you can fill in a form to get a free shoutout across People’s Inc. platform, blog and social media.

Things to note:

1. All content and visuals are provided by you.
2. You are limited to one revision for text and image changes provided by you.
3. Any other changes for the pages can be done using the in-built drag and drop design software.
4. There is no copywriting service provided for this bundle. If required, additional fees will apply.

5. There is no feature customisation provided for this bundle. If required, additional fees will apply.

We’ll be announcing the winners on the last day of January 2020, so hurry and take your chances!
It’s not yet too late to enjoy our twelve days of Christmas campaign! Remember, to join and stay updated on the latest promotions, sign up with us now!

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