Essential tips for vegan beginners

If you’re looking for a sign when to start a vegan lifestyle, THIS IS IT! Here are essential tips for vegan beginners:

Research and prepare yourself.

Knowledge is power. Begin by understanding what a vegan lifestyle is all about and what it entails. When you understand all the benefits you get out of a vegan lifestyle, it will inspire you to stay committed to making the switch.

Start with your own pace.

While there are success stories of those who made the switch right then and there, most vegans would tell you that patience is key. Don’t go all-in right away. Make changes gradually so your constitution won’t suffer from the effects of sudden radical change. Remember, a vegan lifestyle, more often than not, is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself. You’ll get there soon enough!

Learn about food substitutes.

Substitution is the secret. You can still enjoy all the richness of the food, just not the usual stuff.
For example:

  • Instead of egg, use purees, applesauce, bananas, tofu, and water and chia seeds.
  • Instead of regular cheese, go for cashew cheese, potato cheese, or carrot cheese.
  • Go for tofu, jackfruit, eggplant, or mushrooms instead of meat.
    Learn about food substitutes, so you don’t miss out on what you’ve been used to eating before deciding to eat healthier.

Learn to read food labels.

This is the tricky part. How would you know that your grocery items are vegan in nature? While there are many ways to be a food label pro, here’s a way to ease into the process. First, look for the Suitable for Vegans label or the Certified Vegan logo. Second, look at the allergen ingredients list. There you’ll find if eggs, seafood, chicken meat, or dairy products have been used to make the product.

Embrace the changes in your body.

With the change, expect a couple of challenges. Many people who switch to Vegan report headaches and nausea at the early stages as your body adjusts itself to your body’s new diet. You also might initially experience loose stool. Don’t worry. Once your body gets used to the switch, you’ll experience positive changes including lesser food cravings, better sleep, and, of course, shedding a couple of pounds until you achieve your ideal weight!

Jumpstart 2021 with a healthier you! You surely can with these essential tips for vegan beginners. We’re looking forward to learning from your vegan experience. Sign up here today and share away!

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