Sixth Day of Christmas at People’s Inc.

It’s the sixth day of Christmas here at PINC, and we’re super excited to unveil what we have in store for you!
Are you ready? We are, too! So without further ado, here are the brands that are having 60 percent off!


Still haven’t chosen the most luxurious Coach pieces that you can walk away in or with? Then, you’re in luck! Now you can get them at 60 percent off! Grab those pretty apparels, sparkly jewellery and those perfect shoes while you can! It may be winter season at Coach, but it’s never been warmer thanks to their flaming hot deals. Enjoy the discounts when you shop here today!

Alex and Alexa

Do you want your kids to look all cute and preppy all year long? Then Alex and Alexa is the brand for you! Known as one of the best kid brands in the world, get everything from gorgeous clothes for children as well as toys! Discover their wide collection and put a smile on the special kids’ faces in your life with these adorable gift ideas at Alex and Alexa. What are you waiting for? Shop today and get 60 percent off!


It’s never too early to prepare for summer vacation at the best beaches where you are! Thanks to Cupshe, you can do just that! With everything from one-piece suits to the cutest bikinis, pick your favourite swimwear right here. The best thing about this brand is that it celebrates all types of bodies, so you’re bound to find the right piece that will definitely flatter what your mama gave you! A mega 60 percent off discount awaits you at Cupshe so make sure you check their full swimwear collection here.

Enjoy the holidays with us! Celebrate 12 days of Christmas at People’s Inc. when you sign up here today.

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