What type of Among Us player are you?

The game’s afoot, Sherlock!

Ready to play a game that has captivated millions of gamers around the world? Among Us is here, ladies and gents, and it’s not going away any time soon!

Brought to you by our friends from InnerSloth, this online multiplayer game allows you to practice your deductive powers as you endeavour to identify Crewmates from Impostors. Fun and exciting, this space-themed game will draw you in with your friends in tow!

Speaking of Crewmates from Impostors, what are they exactly? Well, these are the two roles that players can choose from. Mortal enemies at their very core, the job of Crewmates it to expose who the Imposters are and eliminate them while completing tasks around the map. The Imposters, on the other hand, are wired to make the lives of Crewmates truly miserable, From sabotage to, forgive the violence, execution, they take down one Crewmate after another without getting caught.

So who wins? It will depend on who gets the upper hand. If Crewmates are able to eliminate all the imposters and finish all tasks in the map, then they get bragging rights as victors. However, if the number of Impostors is equal to the number of Crewmates or if a ‘Sabotage’ becomes too critical to resolve, then the Impostors will walk away with the prize.

The best thing about Among Us is you get to see and witness the different types of people playing! And you, yourself also develop your gamer persona!

These are a few types of players you can usually find while playing so which one are you?

  • Are you the cute but lethal princess?
    These are the players that either don’t genuinely have the gist of the game yet or someone who’s just trying to get their way out of the suspicions but are not afraid to hit that lethal button behind your back.
  • Are you the taskmaster, the ultimate boss man?
    They are usually quiet (which can be their secret weapon if they’re an imposter) and diligently do their tasks and usually are the first ones to finish. Not to mention, they get upset when their task gets interrupted when the meetings are called.
  • Are you the smooth talker who can charm his way out of anything?
    There’s always this one person who can talk their way out of anything and EVERYTHING. Caught red-handed near the body? They can lead you to even thinking that you’re the one who did the deed even though you’re a crewmate.
  • Are you the trigger happy button lover?
    It’s that person that called the emergency meeting just to say hi and wastes everyone’s time and effort doing tasks. And yup, of course, they always end up floating in space right afterwards.
  • Are you the ultimate team player, a true believer through and through?
    They believe in everyone, and that also includes the imposter. They get easily swayed into voting and get backstabbed by the imposter after putting their trust on them.
  • Or are you the kind, soft-spoken member who is actually the ruthless impostor no one expected?
    These players lead the ultimate plot twist at the end of the game and leave everyone speechless! The one who you would never think was the imposter to be killing people off one by one. They’ll definitely change the way you see them after the game.

This is what makes Among Us the game for the gang! From getting to see the different players to exploring the great unknown, and to playing the ultimate game of survival, this is one game that is the very definition of immersive!

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