#PINCART with Elora

Meet our amazing artist, Elora!

All that’s bright and beautiful at People’s Inc.? You can bet that Elora had a hand in creating them! Let’s get to know her better with the language that she speaks the best, the language of art – #PINCArt, that is.

So we asked Elora to do the impossible – to choose which among her artworks is her most favourite? Yup, raising this question to an artist, it’s like asking a mum who among her children is the one she likes best. Good thing Elora was all cool about it and came back with this gem of a find! Presenting Elora’s best work, her art masterpiece that she had done based on her precious Chihuahua, Voltaire!

The next question we asked, of course, was how the process was like. How did she feel while making this beautiful piece? Here was what Elora said!


The first word that came up to Elora’s mind when asked about what she feels about the artwork was ‘adoration’, and we totally get it! Plus, it’s utterly adorable! Pets can, no doubt, bring you lots of happiness and joy in your life and that’s exactly what Voltaire brought to Elora!


As we mentioned previously, this piece of artwork was of Elora’s precious dog, Voltaire. And Voltaire was Elora’s first dog, so of course, there’s nothing but an infinite amount of love (and responsibility, of course). And she feels the same love for this artwork that she has done as well! Elora spent a lot of time working with this art piece. She wanted it to look the best it could be because it is indeed, based on the best dog in the world for Elora.


Elora mentioned that she’s not really good in traditional illustrations, but we beg to differ! The details, the shadings – it’s all well done at least in our opinion. And you can see the love and care she had put into this piece! For Elora, coming up with the idea of the illustration and completing this amazing piece of artwork is one of her proudest moments since she thinks that it captures the essence of Voltaire really well. What’s more to be proud of seeing your own improvement in things you thought you weren’t really great at?

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